Getting started….

Only onImagee week to go and my wife will be travelling to Switzerland for the next two months. Behind she will be leaving a (hopefully) responsible husband and three (potentially) irresponsible kids….a lovely cocktail, if you ask me. This blog aims to be my very personal “Father’s survival guide”, fully illustrated by myself.  I do apologise in advance as I don’t have the slightest idea where I’m going with this.  However, I would like to share it for the good fun!….and to help me keep my head focus…..

4 Responses to “Getting started….”

  1. Miguel Says:

    buenisima idea! Seguiremos atentos…. Que aventura

  2. Pascal Affolter Says:

    Calm down Sergio… everyhing is okay. I just met your wife yesterday at the airport Madrid and she looked well…:) and even as she arrived at Zuerich airport she looked well (okay, a little bit tired)… Next week I will look again after your children at the Helvetia school. Te puedes imaginar todo lo que hace un Rector…???!!!??? Saludos, Pascal

  3. Adriana Blanco Says:

    M can sleep in our house Friday…

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