Things are getting better…

Situation in Colombia must be improving. super-colombianWhen I was growing up the news were always about number of people killed here or there. Sadly, the news used to be measured by the number of people killed. Today, it seems, journalist are struggling to come up with interesting stories. So the best three top stories now are: 1. A snobby drunk guy that pretended to be someone else to avoid being arrested (seems even the police were puzzled. Good thing that the president of Colombia, followed this event in twitter and took a moment of his busy schedule to issue an official twitter statement about this). 2. A guy with low anger management skills, that shot a poor dog because a disagreement with his neighbour ( but, no worries because colombians cyber-bulling worked once again and managed to make “justice” by destroying this man’s career in just one day) and 3. A small earth “shake” (that provided a breeze of light yellowish sensationalism to journalist). It is really nice to know things are improving here… smile emoticon (Easier to make cartoons now…)

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