Back in 2003 I decided to abandon my comfort zone and explore the world of comics, cartoons and humorous illustration in general.  My only tools, at the time, were my love for creativity, my enjoyment of having a white paper and a pencil in front of me and my decision of becoming a state-of-the-art cartoonist.  However, it must be said that the only things I did not have were drawing classes, nor titles supporting my art, nor anything that could give me a “talent security”….10 years has passed from that first drawing I published and I have to admit that it has been an experience full of fun, best sellers, amazing clients, newspapers, lots of opportunities, three lovely kids and a fantastic muse.

Before being a cartoonist I struggle daily to show the world what I was good at, not having a clue what this was, .  Today I still don’t have a clue, but it’s fun to illustrate the path that I’m taking towards the pursue of my personal goodness.

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