Thanks indeed…

Dear Sergio,  Thanks for your post dated 31.12.2013.  We are here very delighted with your unexpected gift. Now we have finally the time to work in those world’s increasing testosterone  levels. Let us know if you need our assistance.  Even though, It seems to us, you have things under control….or else why would you be drawing me and my staff writing you….?Image

Dear God…


Dear God,
As we are approaching a new year I decided to give you, as a present, a Sabbatical Year: I decided to move away from the “asking, wishing, begging and hoping” to the simple forms of “deciding and doing”.

So may 2014 be the perfect time for you to feel free with some extra quality time, on my behalf .

To make things easier, I decided to stop praying the standard prays which are just a compilation  of “please give me this and please don’t forget that”. Instead I will just say “thanks” and move on with my decisions.

I also decided not to be snobby by going about my life blessing people on your behalf, nor wishing your assistance in other people’s matters. I will also stop wishing and hoping for a better world. This one is fine, thanks. And I will not dare again to think that I am your will..let’s work this year with the concept that you’re mine…

Big hug! and thanks